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A few years ago, we all marvelled at the idea of Apple’s very clever iMessage system that allowed us to send text messages via the internet rather than using a cellular network. Granted, it’s only truly a viable feature of the iPhone when you’re hooked up to Wi-Fi but still – it was a great, unique idea… Wasn’t it?

Well, actually, no it was not unique as we have had access to internet based communication for years – you just hadn’t heard of it or didn’t think it was worth investing in at the time.

Voiceover Internet Protocol (or VoIP for short) is essentially a communication tool that uses an internet connection to relay the content instead of a complex wiring system that can take days to install and will forever require maintenance, upgrading, rehashing etc – essentially, it’s far simpler but could it help your business? Could it be that important?

The most common VoIP devices are phones and fax machines that connect to the nearest computer with access to the internet or a specific network – sounds simple enough. Calls, messages and documents can all be sent via the networked device and all information relating to the communications is stored on a secure server – still sounding relatively simple.

To add a layer of complexity, we have now reached a technological level that allows us to carry out ‘Cloud Calling’. This is basically calling someone via the network/internet using a similar system to Skype or Facetime – so how could it help your business?

VoIP could take your business’s efficiency to a whole new level thanks to its superb flexibility. As an example, if a key staff member is absent from work; the member of staff handling their work could be assigned their Cloud Phone Number without the need to arrange for tricky call forwarding or re-routing a phone line temporarily – far more practical.

In addition, as communication data is recorded and stored, it makes it far easier to trace back conversations  than ever before. If you’ve ever worked in an office environment, you’ll know it can be very difficult to trace back who said what at any given time or during a meeting – not a problem any longer.

Of course, Cloud VoIP is different to the standard VoIP system but they are essentially the same product for all intents and purposes – Cloud VoIP is simply the latest iteration that offers the best service, flexibility and the most options to the user.

This is a very brief overview and it is normal that you would have more questions that need answers – worry not, the information you need isn’t far away and you can always speak to the likes of Vonage or Ringcentral, two big names in the VoIP industry, for more details. Who knows, you might even secure yourself a Cloud VoIP system in no time at all!

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